Traditional sash windows do not meet modern safety standards. To address this we have developed multi-point and multi-stage systems of locks and notifications, including burglar alarms and electronic window closing control.


Our windows have the option of using electromagnetic locks. The lower (internal) window, touching the window sill, is automatically blocked with two steel electromagnetic bolts. Opening the window is only possible through our mobile app or remote control. The upper (external) window only features automatic operation, which prevents it from being moved manually. It is also possible to install additional electromagnetic locks..


The windows can also be armed with burglar detectors, and window owners can be notified of their opening or closing via the telephone application. It is also possible to check the status of closed/open windows in the application.


We sell on the territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain as well as Ireland.
  Delivery time 6-8 weeks calculated from the deposit payment.
  It is possible to speed up the order (Fast track) 3-4 weeks for an additional 15%.
Payment Policy:
30%   deposit including VAT payable on orders
55%   including VAT payable two weeks before the delivery date
15%   including VAT payable on the day of delivery

Service and Guarantee

***wood and paint 5 years*** 500,000 cycles mechanism.**** we run a warranty service (5 years)*** post-warranty (payable)****