Our windows are designed for the installation of single pane glass, double glazed as well as triple glazed with IGU glazing. They are made of float glass (very flat; with no optical distortion). These low-emissivity glass sets are filled with argon, krypton with a heat transfer coefficient of k = 0.5 (with a 2-glass packet). With the right set of glass and gas, the desired acoustic properties are obtained. In order to meet the needs of our customers, the following types and packages of glass can be used:



  •    - single glazed
  •    - double glazed unit
  •    - triple glazing unit


  Glass TYPES:

  •    - laminated, tempered safety glass (anti-burglary)
  •    - absorption and reflexive glazing
  •    - soundproof windows
  •    - self-cleaning glass
  •    - tinted milk windows
  •    - ornamental glass
  •   - "intelligent" glazing (automatically tinted <--------------> transparent)